Tooth-Colored Fillings in

A small cavity or other minor damage can be easily overcome with a tooth-colored filling. Our team will provide you with a top-quality restoration to put you back on the right track for positive oral health.

Tooth-Colored Fillings in Minneapolis, MN

Tooth-colored fillings are one of the most common restorations we provide at Rojas Family Dental. This procedure is frequently performed when a patient has developed a mild to moderate cavity or other minor damage.

If you make dental visits regularly, then our experts may be able to intervene before a cavity causes more serious problems. Most cavities are treated without incident, but they can develop into something more troubling if they are not treated quickly. A cavity will only grow larger over time, and it’s possible for it to become too deep to treat with a filling. Food particles and oral bacteria may also use the cavity to access the tooth’s inner structure. If this occurs, more advanced treatment like a root canal or an extraction may be needed. This is a major reason why receiving regular dental checkups is extremely important. Our experts need to catch cavities and tooth decay early enough before they cause serious issues.

Patients should receive fillings as soon as they are recommended to prevent further problems and issues. Most fillings can be applied very easily. We start by cleaning out any decay or existing filling material from the tooth’s surface. The tooth must be completely clean before continuing. We then carefully apply the filling substance directly to the same area. This will effectively seal-off the tooth and prevent any harmful matter from accessing the inside of the tooth. We then allow this material to harden so that the tooth achieves the desired strength and consistency. The tooth will then be polished and shaped to give a more natural appearance as the end result. After treatment, it will be nearly impossible for others to recognize that the tooth was ever decayed.

Options for composite fillings and amalgam fillings are available at Rojas Family Dental. Both filling options are known for being durable and safe, and the type we provide typically depends on the needs of the patient. Composite fillings can appear more natural, so they are usually used for teeth more visible at the front of the mouth. Teeth in the back of the mouth are less likely to be noticed, and the patient may be fine with an amalgam filling.

Dr. Berkseth-Rojas truly enjoys all aspects of dentistry.

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