Three Facts You Must Know About Mouth Guards

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Have you ever played contact sports? If you and your child have played sports such as these, you know how essential sports mouth guards are in order to keep the teeth protected. Unfortunately, there are still many athletes who get injuries even when wearing sports mouth guard. This is because their mouth guards don’t fit correctly, or it may have become worn over time. 

If you have a sports mouth guard, for either yourself or your little one, here are three important facts you must know. Read on to know what these facts are!


Mouth guards need to be washed after each use

Bacteria reside in the dark nooks and crannies of your mouth guard. For that reason, you will have to clean your mouth guard after every use. All you must do is to scrub out the mouth guard with a toothbrush and rinse it under cold water. After that, you can store it in a dry, ventilated container. This way, you will remove harmful bacteria after each use. 

It is still possible to wear a mouth guard with braces 

Just because you have braces, it doesn’t mean that you can no longer wear mouth guards. However, you must ensure that the mouth guard you have is the perfect fit for your mouth, teeth, and braces. Having a mouth guard that is too tight will prevent your braces from moving your teeth into optimal alignment. Meanwhile, a loose mouthguard can snag on your braces during impact and cause tooth and orthodontic damage. Visit us here at Rojas Family Dental, and we will provide you custom-made mouth guards for the best fit. 

Mouth guards will help you save money

If you often participate in contact sports, it is worth your money to invest in a custom-made mouth guard. This will offer you the best dental protection against blows to the face. The cost of a sports mouth guards is less compared to the cost of repairing damaged or missing teeth.

Protect your teeth from a sports injury by availing of Mouth Guards In Minneapolis, MN. Book an appointment with us at Rojas Family Dental, and we will provide you high-quality, custom-made mouth guards. You can find us at 3455 4th Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55408. Call us if you have any questions!