Every Patient’s Guide to New Dentures

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Deciding on getting dentures is quite complicated. That is why it is best done when consulting a dental professional. There are several factors that everyone should know when opting for dentures and when making a decision. Besides getting and caring for the said oral appliance should depend on the patient. Although a lot of things are applicable to dentures, there are still some things that should be evaluated by a dentist for a particular patient.

So, for everyone to know more about dentures, here are some things we at Rojas Family Dental have prepared to serve as a guide for possible denture-wearers.


The Pros of Getting Dentures

Losing a tooth or more is more than just a cosmetic concern. It can affect a patient in many ways like their confidence, speech, and even diet. With the help of both traditional and fixed dentures, patients can get a second chance for their smiles. Plus, if the appliance is fitted and built correctly for a particular patient, they can even serve as a support for the cheeks and lips for improved aesthetics.

Problems Denture-Wearers may Encounter

Bad breath

The said issue is due to the inadequate care performed for the oral appliance. If food debris and other harmful substances are left uneliminated, patients are more likely to develop a foul odor on their mouths.

Ill-fitting appliance

Over time, denture-wearers may notice that the restorative device no longer stays in place. They may tend to move around the mouth when talking or speaking which can be painful and uncomfortable. Plus, this issue can even lead to fungal infection due to the food trapped between the appliance and gums.


After getting the appliance, it is common for people to feel pain and discomfort due to dentures. Know that this is only temporary and that it fades as the mouth adjusts to the new type of oral device.

Denture Care

  • Make sure to rinse the appliance after every meal to keep it clean.
  • Using gentle soap instead of toothpaste is ideal since the latter option can be too abrasive for the device.
  • When cleaning dentures, make sure to do so in a sink filled with water or over a towel to avoid damage when dropped.
  • Bleach is a no-no since it can cause the pink parts to turn white.
  • Never place dentures in hot or boiling water since it can cause the materials to warp beyond wear.

Denture Repair

When dentures become damaged, it is highly advised for a patient never to attempt a self-repair. Know that bending the metal components of a denture can cause it to weaken. Plus, over the counter kits can actually cause more damage than good for the appliance. It is always best to seek the assistance of a dental professional for best results.

Let us at Rojas Family Dental help you get a second chance for your smile with Dentures in Minneapolis, MN! Our practice offers both the traditional and fixed options so that our patients can get the service they need and prefer. For more information about the said service, do not hesitate to call or visit us.